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Broward County Public Schools Spring Chess Tournament

Saturday, May 15th | Grades K-12
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Tournament Results

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Congratulations, Broward Students!
We're very pleased that 144 students joined in for this Online Chess Tournament!

The ChessKid Tournament Results which were posted online immediately following the tournament were tentative, as the games had not yet been reviewed by our fair play committee. In addition, ChessKid uses different algorithms to assign tie-breaks than we do, so these results will also differ for that reason. If you have questions about the results, feel free to reply to this email.

School Award: Top Scoring School

  • 1st Place: Falcon Cove Middle School - 17 points
  • 2nd Place: Beachside Montessori VIllage- 14.5 points
  • 3rd Place: Eagle Point Elementary- 13.5 points & Parkway Middle School - 13.5 points

To determine this award, we added up the scores earned by the four highest-scoring students from each school. When a student wins a game, they earn 1 point. When they draw (tie), they earn 0.5 points.

School Award: Most Students Participating

  • 1st Place: Falcon Cove Middle School - 12 students
  • 2nd Place: Indian Trace Elementary School- 11 students
  • 3rd Place: Beachside Montessori Village- 9 students

Students earn 1 point per chess game won. They earn 0.5 points for a game that ends in a draw (tie). The below points are the combined total from each students' games during the tournament.

Grades K-1

Maximum points possible in this section is 4 points (4 games played)

First Place: (Three co-champions)

  • Nate Dunlop | 3 points
  • Andy Machado | 3 points
  • Naomi Malaescu | 3 points

Grades 2-3

Maximum points possible in this section is 6 points (6 games played)

First Place

  • Eduard Malaescu | 6 points

Second Place

  • Matthew Dunlop | 5 points

Third Place

  • Nathan Duran | 4 points
  • Vihaan Jain | 4 points
  • Dhanush Shankar | 4 points

Grades 4-5

Maximum points possible in this section is 6 points (6 games played)

First Place

  • Elena Anastasia State Ungureanu | 5.5 pts

Second Place

  • Dayana Vazquez | 5 points

Third Place

  • Justin Newberg | 4.5 points
  • Miles Rosner | 4.5 points

Grades 6-8

Maximum points possible in this section is 6 points (6 games played)

First Place:

  • Nicolae Vlad State Ungureanu | 5.5 pts | Olsen Middle School
  • Talon Frazier | 5.5 pts | Parkway Middle School

Second Place:

  • Rion Okuno | 5 points | Falcon Cove Middle School

Grades 9-12

Maximum points possible in this section is 5 points (5 games played)

First Place:

  • Ethan Cecil | 4 pts
  • Ethan Weinstock | 4 pts

Second Place:

  • Blake Meyer | 3.5 points
  • Zachary Rubin | 3.5 points

Prizes sponsored by:

Many thanks to Chess House for providing 20 free chess sets as prizes!

All active participants will be entered in the drawing to win one of the below sets. Winners will be emailed on Monday, January 26th!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the finalized winners be announced?

While tentative winners will be announced immediately ending the practice and official tournaments, these results do not factor in any Fair Play Review (anti-cheating analysis) which will be completed. The finalized results will be announced via an email by Tuesday, January 26th.

What will the prizes for this tournament be?

Students who participate will be entered to win one of twenty chess sets which our generous tournament sponsor, is providing. Prizes will not be based on placement in the tournament. Winners will be notified by January 26th.

What online site will be used to run this tournament?

This tournament will be run through After registering, you will receive login information for a free ChessKid account. You can login early to get used to playing on the ChessKid platform. If you already have a ChessKid account, you will still need to use your new account for this tournament. We aren't able to custom-add existing usernames to the tournament.

Will there be a team element to this tournament, or will students play individually?

All students will be ranked individually. However, the four students from each school who score highest in the tournament will have their scores combined. The school with the highest combined score of those four students will win a title. Schools will compete within their sections: elementary, middle, and high schools.

How many games of chess will the students get to play, and how long will the games be?

Each student will get to play 6 rounds (games). The time controls for the games will be 15 minutes +2 second delay. This means that each player will have 15 minutes on their clock, and will have 2 seconds added to their time with each move. At the longest, one game can last up to 30-35 minutes.

What if I lose a game? Am I out of the tournament?

This chess tournament is NOT an ELIMINATION game! Win or Lose - you'll NOT be eliminated from the tournament, and you'll play all games (except for full point byes, see below.)

Remember - if you lose your games, next game you'll be facing others who also lost their previous game(s), so give your very best because you have every chance of winning the next game!

Will there be a video meeting to join during the tournament?

We will have a Zoom Help Desk which will open 30 minutes before the main tournament on 1/23 for anyone who has questions or is having issues at any point during the tournament. There will not be a video call required for tournament participants.

Can I leave before the tournament ends?

You can leave the tournament at any point if you should need to. This is called withdrawing from the tournament. Once you leave the tournament, you can't rejoin, so make sure you decide accordingly. Out of respect for your opponent, please finish a game that you are in the middle of before withdrawing from the tournament.

What if there are an odd number of players?

Someone will get a full point for that round, aka Free Win :) The chess pairing software will select who gets the full point based on very strict rules: it is always the player on the bottom of the list. The list order is based on how many points you have and what your ChessKid rating is.

Are there any age limits for this tournament?

This tournament is open to any student in grades K-12, regardless of age.

Will students only play others in their same grade?

We will plan to have five sections: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. We may combine sections, depending on registration numbers.

Is there a cost to participate?

No, it's completely free!

Will this tournament be rated?

No, the results from this tournament will not be submitted to USCF or any other rating system.

When will the practice tournaments take place?

Practice tournaments will take place on Saturday, January 16th from 9:30 - 10:30 AM ET, and Friday 1/22 at 5:30 PM ET. Students who register a day or more before the practice tournaments will receive information on how to join.

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