Has your child's chess rating plateaued or even gone down?

BREAK through the RATING BARRIER with LIVE training from National Master Elliott Neff!

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Discover how to Improve your Chess Rating by 200+ Points!

Four Session Series: Break through your Rating Barrier
Taught LIVE by National Master Elliott Neff
$295 while spots remain!

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What do others who have taken the course have to say?

Elliott is a great coach and my son had a wonderful time during this two-week, four session class. He was so excited and looked forward to every class. I noticed his exuberant enthusiasm and tremendous increase in motivation and appreciated how Elliott explained everything methodically and clearly in an engaging way.

-Helen, Parent

Elliott taught us a lot about chess: openings, mid-games, end-games, strategy, tactics, psychology, even how to play blind-fold chess. I like his way of teaching and it was fun and a very good class in general.

-Ender, Student

Joining Elliott's LIVE Sessions will:

  • Increase your child's CONFIDENCE
  • DOUBLE the VALUE of your chess investment
  • Help your child BREAK THROUGH their rating barrier!
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Course Overview

Session I

Session II

Session III

Session IV

Start with YOUR Best Chess Foundation.

Draft YOUR Chess Success Plan

Master YOUR Chess Focus Areas

Complete YOUR Chess Success Plan

Want a sneak-peek of the class? Watch this video!

Does a rating plateau like the one below look familiar to you?

Real life example of a current chess student's rating

Help my Child Break through their Rating Barrier!

LIVE - Four Part Series

This four-session series includes LIVE instruction with National Master and Founder of Chess4Life Elliott Neff.

Coach Elliott played in his first chess competition at age 8, not even knowing all the rules of piece movement at the time! He enjoyed the game and worked hard at learning chess in grade school.

At age 12. Elliott set two goals:

  • Become a National Master in chess
  • Become the Washington State High School Chess Champion

In pursuit of these goals, Elliott read hundreds of chess books. He competed and learned as he went through multiple seasons of plateaus in his own chess rating. In pursuit of his chess goals, he discovered how to break through his chess rating barrier. Eventually, he achieved both of his goals and won the Washington State High School Chess Championships, going on to represent his state twice in the National Denker Tournament of High School Champions while still in high school also earning the prestigious title of USCF National Master!

Since breaking through his own rating barriers, Coach Elliott has implemented his unique coaching methods helping thousands of students. He has become an expert in empowering others to work through their rating roadblocks. Along the way, Coach Elliott earned the USCF Level V Professional Chess Coach Certification (highest current level of coaching certification available with the US Chess Federation). His extensive experience gained by coaching 10,000+ students personally will help your student unlock the secrets to break through the plateaus that all chess learners experience.

This course is designed for students who have already competed in chess tournaments at the Knight Level and above (typically with chess ratings between 600 and 1800). However, students with lower and higher chess ratings will also love getting clarity on what it will take to jump to the next level. If you are unsure if this course is right for your child, feel free to
check out our FAQs and contact Chess4Life.

What would normally cost over $1,000 in private instruction, is being offered to you by National Master Elliott Neff for just
$295. There are limited seats available - first come, first serve basis.

NOTE: if your student has to miss one or more of the LIVE sessions, they can simply watch the recording of the LIVE sessions on their own schedule.

$1,000 - JUST $295

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What Others Say About Coach Elliott's Training

Elliott Neff's chess training videos are wonderful at making the mysteries of chess accessible... It takes the 'intimidation' out of chess and puts some strong strategies at the disposal of the player to put them quickly on the road to competitive and enjoyable chess.

- Satyajit

Both my sons have benefited greatly from Chess4Life – they both made it to the State Chess championships a couple of years ago because of this program. Elliott is very passionate about chess for learning – rightly so!

- Donna

Help YOUR child BREAK THROUGH their Chess Rating BARRIER!

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Coach Elliott has proven this material with so many students that he personally GUARANTEES the material. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied after the FIRST session, notify us within 24 hours of completing the first session, and we will refund you 100%.

2008 - Chess4Life Elementary Nationals Championship Winning Team (one of many) with Coach Elliott!

DID YOU KNOW: successful chess players have a bright future in college and career choices?

  • Students of Coach Elliott have gone on to earn full ride college scholarships, with their chess resume being a key factor
  • Students from Coach Elliott have gone on to highly sought after careers at tech companies including Microsoft & Google
  • In 2020 an 18-year-old dedicated chess player in the Pacific NW received a lucrative, seven-figure job offer from Google - one of just 7,000 new hires out of over 3 million applicants.

We want to help you avoid the following common pitfalls:

  • Your child spends time reading dozens of chess books instead of discovering the handful that will get you a better result in one quarter of the time
  • You spend hours of your valuable time online trying to sort out what chess resources will be the most beneficial instead of understanding the essential criteria for deciding on what will be most effective
  • Your child's chess rating plateaus or goes down and their interest in chess decreases
  • Other students jump forward in their chess rating, leaving your child feeling left behind
  • Your child misses out on the great benefits that chess provides for succeeding in life
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for my child?

The ideal students is one who has competed in multiple chess tournaments already and is at least 8 years old. If you are just starting out in chess or your child is younger than 8, we would highly recommend you first consider joining the Chess4Life Virtual Class Offerings found at chess4life.com. Learn, compete in several events, then consider again whether the time is right for your child, If you're unsure, feel free to contact us to help determine if this is a good fit for your child.

My child is already in Premium Center Classes or Private Lessons. Should they consider doing this in addition or instead?

This class is designed to help enhance all your child's other chess training activities and make them more effective to accomplish their chess goals.

If my child isn't free at 3 PM PST, is this class not a good option?

While the LIVE class is held at 3pm PST, all sessions are being recorded and will be made available. You will be able to follow along at a time convenient for you and still receive access to all of the training materials for this program. Attendees who can join in live will receive the added benefit of real time interaction.

Can my child take this class on her own or do I need to attend with my child?

Yes, your child can attend on her own. You are welcome to attend along with your child if you wish. The recording of the live class will be made available in case you wish to review it afterward. NOTE: to gain the most from this class, it is important for your child to complete the downloadable materials that will be made available for class participants. It may be helpful to work with your child to fill out this material, especially if they are under age 10.

Is the cost per session or for all four classes?

This SPECIAL LIVE series with National Master Elliott Neff is available for a limited time for a ONE TIME fee of $295. The content will provide you the framework for the ongoing achievement of your chess goals for years to come! Many students who have achieved Championship levels have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for mastering the content now made available to you.

Is there a refund policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied after your first session, contact us within 24 hours and we will be happy to REFUND 100% of your enrollment fee. Simply contact us to request a full refund. Members who follow along with the program, go through all the materials and actively take part in their learning experience are delighted with their chess progress.

How long does it take to complete this program?

The four LIVE Sessions with Coach Elliott are each 75 minutes. We recommend that you take at least 1 hour between sessions to complete the recommended activities. Because you will receive a copy of the LIVE recording, you may choose to take as much time as you need to complete the course recommendations.

What if I have questions or need support during the class?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework.

Still have a question?

Contact the Chess4Life Team!