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FOR PARENTS (and teachers)

Helping Your Kids Learn Life Skills through the Fun Game of Chess (Click for details)

IDEAL AGES: 6-16 (parents also welcomed)

Pawn: New to Chess (Click for details)
Knight: Beyond Checkmate (Click for details)
Bishop: Strategies & Tactics to Win More (Click for details)

Helping Your Kids Learn Life Skills through the Fun Game of Chess

  • Discover Elliott's 10 CORE Mindsets of Success
  • Learn Ways You can Develop Life Skills through Chess
  • BONUS: Receive Elliott's Life Skills Scorecard
  • BONUS: Drawing for an autographed copy of Elliott's book A Pawn's Journey: Transforming Lives One Move at a Time


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Pawn: New to Chess

  • Learn Elliott's favorite FUN activities for learning how the pieces move
  • Learn Elliott's #1 Strategy to accomplish when starting a chess game
  • Learn how to finish (win) a chess game


Knight: Beyond Checkmate

  • Discover Elliott's 3 Keys to Success from Start to Finish in every game
  • Learn Elliott's approach for mastering Chess Tactics
  • Learn the 3 KEY Questions to ask EVERY move (at this level)


Bishop: Strategies & Tactics to Win More

  • Discover some of Elliott's Secrets to Thinking Far Ahead in Chess
  • Discover Elliott's Method to Solve Complex Puzzles
  • Learn how to Create a Winning Plan


Future webinars:

  • How Soon is Too Soon? Learn how you can help Preschoolers develop Kindergarten Readiness through learning to play chess!
  • Feeling your Chess Improvement is Stuck? Join Elliott as he shows you how to BREAK through the rating barrier & increase your chess rating by at least 200 points!
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Elliott Neff is a National Master in Chess, author of A Pawn’s Journey:Transforming Lives One Move at a Time, and Founder/CEO of Chess4Life, which exists to help kids develop life skills through the game of chess. Elliott is a USCF Level V coach and has trained over 10,000 students, including several national champions.

Mission: Impact ONE MILLION kids per week with life skills through the FUN game of chess.

Elliott Neff
CEO & Founder

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